Alliance Membership Meeting: November 2019

When Louisiana Ambulance Alliance (LAA) members entered the final meeting of 2019, they were greeted with a holiday celebration, inclusive of décor and gifts – making it one of most exciting and festive meetings ever. As usual, quarterly Louisiana Ambulance Alliance Membership Meetings are key in connecting members to key news, resources and more from LAA/LRAA and the EMS industry as a whole. While this quarter’s celebration did not shy away from business such as Ambulance Standards, grants and communications, the themed holiday meeting invited everyone in attendance to celebrate a successful end to the 2019 year.

As announced by Verinique Bailey, LAA’s Communications and Marketing Manager, “In 2020, LAA will celebrate the organization’s 25thAnniversary!” And with 25 years of “Speaking with One Unified Voice” for EMS providers in the state of Louisiana, LAA has lots to commemorate. “With a successful first year of implementing the Communications and Marketing Campaign, LAA has received over 15,500 views on its website and nearly tripled its social media engagement,” added Bailey. “That alone is enough of a reason to celebrate and in year 25, we will ensure LAA’s communications and marketing reflect the greatness that the organization has achieved through the years!”

LAA’s staff is already at work planning the 2020 Alliance Membership Meetings. “I’m looking forward to hosting one of next year’s meetings at the new St. Gabriel office,” explained Administrator, Yvette LeBlanc. “This meeting, like most, had such a varied attendance and was extremely informative. I’m already excited for next year!”

Happy Holidays from LAA, LRAA and ACE4EMS!

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2020 Membership Meetings: 

March 04, 2020: The Wesley Center – Woodworth, LA

May 20, 2020: Baton Rouge EMS – Baton Rouge, LA

August 19, 2020: Bossier Civic Center – Bossier, LA

November 4, 2020: Louisiana Ambulance Alliance – St. Gabriel, LA

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About the Louisiana Ambulance Alliance

The Louisiana Ambulance Alliance (LAA) is a diverse group of EMS providers who promote emergency medical transport as a distinct concern in Louisiana; serve as a forum for a unified voice for healthcare providers, public officials, healthcare workers, educators and consumers working to improve emergency medical transport in Louisiana; provide a forum for the exchange and distribution of ideas and information related to the improvement of emergency medical transport; serve as an advocate for emergency medical transport, promoting improved health status and improvements to the health system for residents of Louisiana; and encourage the development of appropriate health resources for Louisiana.

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