CAAS Announces Release of GVS V2.0

The Commission on Accreditation of Ambulance Services (CAAS) is pleased to announce the release of Ground Vehicle Standard (GVS) V2.0. GVS V2.0 has been in the development process for approximately two years and is an upgrade from the V1.0 version first released in 2016.

The new ambulance vehicle section of GVS V2.0 contains updates and edits from the prior version, and includes the latest safety, quality and compliance requirements for new production ambulances. It also provides a vehicle certification labeling system for use by the Final Stage Ambulance Manufacturer (FSAM), as well as mandatory documentation templates for compliance and weight/payload information.

In addition, GVS V2.0 contains a completely new comprehensive Remount Standard. The GVS Remount Standard provides minimum requirements for both Remounters and Remounted Ambulances, including specific requirements for vehicle production processes and quality control. The GVS Remount Standard also provides a vehicle labeling system and documentation templates for Remounters to use in order to verify compliance with the standard. This standard is intended for use by FSAMs, independent Remounters and EMS Providers who are remounting their own vehicles internally. 

Download CAAS GVS V2.0

The complete GVS V2.0 document is available at no charge on our website, as well as a listing of GVS registered Final Stage Ambulance Manufacturers and Remounters who have qualified to participate in our program. The CAAS GVS Standard is designed for use by EMS regulators and providers for use in their vehicle requirement processes.

CAAS is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) for its standard development program.

For more information, contact the CAAS GVS Administrator Mark Van Arnam.

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