COVID Resource Reporting Tool

To all Emergency Services Agencies,

Emergency Services Agencies across the nation require a standardized mechanism to communicate the urgent need of resources during the COVID pandemic, at both the State and National levels

The NHTSA Office of EMS has designed a reporting tool to provide you with a consistent and immediate way to report personnel shortages, and PPE needs or “stress” your agency is experiencing due to the COVID outbreak and the impending Influenza season. This tool does not supersede your participation with emergency management, public health, or health care coalitions. It does not replace normal supply ordering or reporting procedures.

It takes less than 5 minutes for you to communicate current resource status and unmet requirements to State and Federal COVID healthcare leaders.

Click here to access the COVID Resource Reporting Tool and complete the form each week, preferably Monday. Additional instructions on the COVID Resource Reporting Tool are included in the attached document and available on a YouTube videohere.

Prehospital healthcare continues to be the “front-line” defense for the identification, management and distribution of healthcare for patients with COVID-like symptoms. Your participation in the EMS COVID Resource Reporting Tool provides a guarantee that your local agency’s resource status is understood by State and National EMS leadership, and that your resource needs are being prioritized.

For questions regarding this process, please contact