Emergency Declaration Extended 2.16.22

Last week, Governor Edwards issued another emergency declaration essentially extending the provisions specific to our industry until February 16. Please see the language below which I have taken directly from the Emergency Declaration.

The ambulance staffing requirements set forth in La. R.S. 40: 1135.1 (A)(2)(a) hereby remain temporarily suspended as to ambulance drivers, provided that such driver possesses a driver’s license valid in the State of Louisiana and meets the criminal background check requirements of La. R.S. 40: 1203.1, et seq.

Except as expressly suspended herein, all other requirements of La. R.S. 40: 1135.1 shall remain in place, including the requirement that an ambulance be staffed with a minimum of two persons, one of whom shall be a licensed emergency medical technician.

See Emergency Declaration attached below in red.