EMS Week: A Symbol of Unity, Pride and Life

Plans for the 2020 National EMS Week began in late 2019, as various organizations representing the EMS industry gathered to brainstorm how to advance events in previous years. The committee was comprised of representatives from the following organizations: Louisiana Ambulance Alliance (LAA), Louisiana Bureau of EMS, Alliance Center of Education for EMS (ACE4EMS), EMS for Children, Louisiana chapters of the Association of Public Safety Communication Officials (APCO) and the National Emergency Number Association (NENA). 

With plans to host events as far north as Shreveport, as far west as Lake Charles and as far south as Mandeville, the committee was expecting the 2020 National EMS Week to not only be the most eventful to ever occur in Louisiana, but to also bring a sense of unity throughout entire state.

Nevertheless, with the 2020 COVID-19 outbreak on the rise, the committee’s plans were exchanged for what would have an even greater impact on Louisiana’s EMS industry, the organizing and distributing of yard signs. LAA, Louisiana Association of Nationally Registered Emergency Medical Technicians (LANREMT) and the Louisiana Bureau of EMS, collaborated to purchase and distribute yard signs penning the words, “A Healthcare Hero Lives Here,” to EMS providers in every part of the state.

In addition, the inaugural White Ribbon Campaign exclaiming #WhiteForLife (credited to LAA Emergency Preparedness Coordinator, Rob Daughdril) was presented as a hopeful annual campaign during National EMS Week to commemorate the EMS providers who serve selflessly each and every day! “The feedback was remarkable and the week was very successful with the yard signs and White Ribbon Campaign, which we hope will continue in future years,” explained Evon Smith, LAA ACE4EMS Director.

Needless to say, while the original plans for EMS Week were exchanged for yard signs, ribbons and a social media campaign, the week represented the unity, pride and sacrifice of EMS providers and gave them well-deserved recognition. 

About the Louisiana Ambulance Alliance

The Louisiana Ambulance Alliance (LAA) is a diverse group of EMS providers who promote emergency medical transport as a distinct concern in Louisiana; serve as a forum for a unified voice for healthcare providers, public officials, healthcare workers, educators and consumers working to improve emergency medical transport in Louisiana; provide a forum for the exchange and distribution of ideas and information related to the improvement of emergency medical transport; serve as an advocate for emergency medical transport, promoting improved health status and improvements to the health system for residents of Louisiana; and encourage the development of appropriate health resources for Louisiana. 

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