LAA Responds to Hurricane Ida

When duty calls, EMS answers! During the last week of August, citizens of south Louisiana became aware of the impending storm, a possible Category 4 – Hurricane Ida. Residents across southern border of Louisiana began evacuating meanwhile members of the Louisiana Ambulance Allliance began preparing. We beyond grateful for the brave men and women from across the state who took the risk of traveling to south Louisiana when many others were leaving. These professionals are amazing and so deserving of the title “Healthcare Hero.” They not only helped prepare our community for Hurricane Ida but they are still here two weeks later, dedicated to caring for those who need it most. It has truly been an inspiring month.  The devastation brought on by Hurricane Ida has brought out the absolute best in so many people.  When things are bad (and they are really bad down in South Louisiana) there is no one better to assist than our members! As always, our EMS family is there during this time of need. You can find pictures of Hurricane Ida deployment linked on our Facebook @louisianaambulancealliance