LAA Tackles Hurricane Laura

In the midst of the 2020 Pandemic, Louisiana was facing not one but two storms brewing in the gulf coast during the week of August 20th. While Tropical Storm Marco fizzled out before landfall, Hurricane Laura was coming in strong. Louisiana began to prep for a category 4 hurricane. In preparation for Laura, Louisiana Ambulance Alliance gathered over 25 ambulances from across the state to send to Lake Charles to help evacuate the city before Laura made landfall. 

On August 27, 2020 Hurricane Laura made landfall as one of the strongest hurricanes in the last 150 years. While the usual water damage was not a problem, Lake Charles faced devastating wind damage, leaving thousands without electricity, clean water, or even a roof over their heads. LAA sent another 25+ ambulances to Lake Charles to help with the aftermath and hurricane relief effort. Our crews have been stationed in Lake Charles for two weeks now and ongoing. 

We want to thank everyone deployed, all of our emergency responders, as well as everyone who has been so helpful in donating food, water, laundry services, transportation, etc. We could not do it without the support from our staff, volunteers, family, and community! See below for pictures from Hurricane Laura and the aftermath.