National Literature on Safe Transport of Children

The hope of Louisiana Department of Health (LDH) is to give Louisiana’s EMS agencies a starting point for resources to develop protocols and policies in their operations. The agencies who are already ahead of the game can review the information and get reassurance that they are doing the right thing!

NHTSA Safe Transport of Children in Ground Ambulances – This site hosts a few links to resources specific to transporting children in ambulances.  One of the links in the article is the 2012 NHTSA Best-Practice Recommendations for Transporting Children in Ground Ambulances.  That is a worthwhile read, as it addresses transporting children who are patients or passengers (perhaps of parents who may be the patient).

NASEMSO Safe Transport of Children by EMS: Interim Guidance – This is a quick, valuable read that acknowledges a lack of research on the topic of safe transport of pediatric patients; however, it also addresses the need for a unified voice on the topic while research is ongoing.  This guidance is endorsed by private parties, universities, federal partners, and state officials. 

The State of Pediatric Transport: EMS World – This is an easy read about EMS agencies adopting a culture of safety.  There are infographics about safely transporting pediatric patients.  **EMSC does not endorse or have an opinion about any of the named pediatric restraint systems in this brochure.

American Academy of Pediatric Policy Statement: Equipment for Ambulances – This is a wonderful resource for EMS agencies to utilize when developing pediatric patient care protocols and equipment lists.  Under the heading “I. Injury-Prevention Equipment” it states “all individuals in an ambulance need to be restrained.”  This is bullet number 1 in that heading. 

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