New Property, Same Unified Voice

On a 4.8-acre property in St. Gabriel, Louisiana, sits the Louisiana Ambulance Alliance’s (LAA) newly acquired property. Formerly, a veterinary clinic, the 9,224 square foot building space is the future home of the organization’s headquarters. 

LAA/LRAA staff recently visited the St. Gabriel property.

The property will be the hub of LAA/LRAA administration, assets and be an additional resource for emergency response. With fully functional meeting and training spaces, the central Louisiana location will be the host for many events and meetings. “The property is a member benefit and will be designed with and for the members,” said Donna Newchurch, CEO. “Member input will be sought as planning begins and continues.”  

LAA/LRAA staff has big plans for the St. Gabriel location. 

With a recent visit to the property, LAA/LRAA staff is excited to offer feedback in the construction process. 

Construction is expected to begin late this summer, with an early 2020 completion and ribbon cutting. 

About the Louisiana Ambulance Alliance

The Louisiana Ambulance Alliance (LAA) is a diverse group of EMS providers who promote emergency medical transport as a distinct concern in Louisiana; serve as a forum for a unified voice for healthcare providers, public officials, healthcare workers, educators and consumers working to improve emergency medical transport in Louisiana; provide a forum for the exchange and distribution of ideas and information related to the improvement of emergency medical transport; serve as an advocate for emergency medical transport, promoting improved health status and improvements to the health system for residents of Louisiana; and encourage the development of appropriate health resources for Louisiana. 

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