Pafford EMS Deliver Baby

It’s not every day that first responders gets to assist in and experience a miracle as special as bringing a sweet baby into the world!
Recently, Seth Hostetler (Paramedic) and Shane Huggins (EMT) who helped deliver Baby Cade stopped by the family’s home for a visit. Cade’s Grandmother, Terrica Hendrix, shared, “The Pafford EMTs who delivered Cade stopped by our home to visit him this morning. I thank them both so much for all they’ve done for my grandson and my daughter, Skylar Hendrix. This is a sacred bond between Cade Rylan, Jalyn, and the paramedics. The EMTs are Seth Hostetler and Shane Huggins. They are incredible people who ensured and kept my two precious babies safe.”

What a blessing to be able to share in such a special moment and a great story for Mom and Baby Cade to tell for years to come! Congratulations!

Great work, Seth and Shane! Thank you for answering the call for your community.

Story and photo credit: Pafford Emergency Medical Services Facebook