Second Wave of PPE Shortages Expected

There have been increasing requests for PPE to the State’s PPE Cell indicates that our healthcare systems may be experiencing a “second wave” of shortages.  It is important for healthcare partners to continue attempts to procure from routine vendors as much as possible. The State’s PPE cell remains open and receives request via WebEOC but cannot sustain the demands on a large scale as they continue to grow.
 Additional solutions and alternatives are outlined below:

  • The state maintains a current vendor supply list with known vendors indicating available supplies for procurement on the LDH website
  • Examine alternatives such as re-usable PPE when possible. Examples: 3M half face respirators in lieu of disposable masks. Additional items known to have reusable alternatives are surgical gowns and bouffant caps. 
  • Battelle System for decontamination of non-cellulose N-95 masks. While the system is no longer located in Louisiana, the same process is in place and free of charge to hospitals who utilize this system. Shipping process along with packing materials and labels will be supplied to hospitals who register within the Battelle system. Facilities wishing to register should do so through this site linked HERE. Facilities that have already registered will not need to re-register, they will simply need to use their existing site code in the portal.