“What’s Up With… Our CEO?”

We took a moment to catch up with our CEO, Donna Newchurch, in our “What’s Up With…?” article series, as she described her role in leading the organization.

  • 1. Describe your day-to-day role.

It is my responsibility to ensure the programs and staff of the Alliance are responsive to the needs of the members of the Alliance. I work every day to ensure that the output of the Alliance staff is timely and driven by our members.

  • 2. What is the biggest project that you’re working on?

In my position, there is no one project that I can identify as my biggest project. As I am responsible for all aspects of the organization, my biggest project is ensuring all projects are effective in terms of cost and product.

  • 3. How does your role connect and collaborate with other staff members, board and providers?

Since my role is driven by the members and providers, my interaction with them is key to our success. In turn, implementation of programs to address the members’ needs requires board member approval and staff dedication. Thus, my role gives me the opportunity to collaborate with our staff, board and members. It is truly an honor to work with such a broad aspect of committed and amazing individuals.

  • 4. What are you most looking forward to in the coming months?

As we move into 2020, I look forward to working with the members to identify and address their priorities as well as working with staff to implement programs to address those priorities.

About the Louisiana Ambulance Alliance

The Louisiana Ambulance Alliance (LAA) is a diverse group of EMS providers who promote emergency medical transport as a distinct concern in Louisiana; serve as a forum for a unified voice for healthcare providers, public officials, healthcare workers, educators and consumers working to improve emergency medical transport in Louisiana; provide a forum for the exchange and distribution of ideas and information related to the improvement of emergency medical transport; serve as an advocate for emergency medical transport, promoting improved health status and improvements to the health system for residents of Louisiana; and encourage the development of appropriate health resources for Louisiana.  

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