“What’s Up With… Our Policy Director?”

As our “What’s Up With…?” article series continues, we caught up with our Policy Director, Curry Landry, to gain insight on about the ins and outs of his role in overseeing LAA/LRAA policies and more. 

  • 1. Describe your day-to-day role.

As the LAA Policy Director, my day to day functions are usually focused on identifying and addressing policy, legal and reimbursement issues affecting LAA members. Daily activities that I perform include, but are not limited to, giving legal opinions on policies to members, reviewing contracts, working with state agencies and legislators on policy issues, and working with insurance companies to alleviate reimbursement issues.

  • 2. What is the biggest project that you’re working on?

I am working on the LAA legislative agenda and slate for the 2020 legislative session. This session should be interesting being that a large number (more than 30%) of legislators are new to their positions at the capitol due to term limits. With so much turnover in the legislature, it is important to form relationships early. Forming relationships with legislators is made easier by the LAA members because they usually have working and/or personal relationships with local elected officials. 

  • 3. How does your role connect and collaborate with other staff members, board and providers?

My role is deeply intertwined with the providers and the board. They have a wealth of knowledge about EMS, politics and business, which is a valuable asset for my job. I ask providers and board members for advice all of the time. I bounce ideas (policies, legislation, etc.) off them, and they let me know how the EMS community will be affected. I communicate with members daily because policy, legal and reimbursement issues are always evolving and ongoing. 

  • 4. What are you most looking forward to in the coming months?

It sounds funny to say it, but I am looking forward to the 2020 legislative session. It is a lot of work, but at the end of the day, it is worth it.

  • 5. Is there anything additional that you’d like to share?

I would just like to say how thankful I am to work for a great group of businesses and individuals. It gives me a great sense of pride that the EMS providers of Louisiana trust me with their policy, legal and reimbursement issues.

About the Louisiana Ambulance Alliance

The Louisiana Ambulance Alliance (LAA) is a diverse group of EMS providers who promote emergency medical transport as a distinct concern in Louisiana; serve as a forum for a unified voice for healthcare providers, public officials, healthcare workers, educators and consumers working to improve emergency medical transport in Louisiana; provide a forum for the exchange and distribution of ideas and information related to the improvement of emergency medical transport; serve as an advocate for emergency medical transport, promoting improved health status and improvements to the health system for residents of Louisiana; and encourage the development of appropriate health resources for Louisiana.  

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